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We are FUSE BERLIN. We love the urban jungle as much as nature. We love Berlin, as much a we love traveling. We are always on the road and also like to camp on one green spot. We love to do sports and we love dancing at festivals, clubs or house parties of our beloved friends ...

We always have the cell phone with us. Be it to connect with our friends, to track our running times, to look for the way, to play music or simply to call Mommy. However, it can sometimes be annoying to always carry the mini-computer around with you, especially if you just want to have your hands free for other things. That's why we've developed the FUSE BERLIN phone cases and straps that you can hang around your body or neck.

Thanks to FUSE BERLIN, we always have the phone close to our body. We will never have to desperately search for our phone again. We'll never crash our phone while dancing in the electro club or let it fall into the toilet. We always have the right path for cycling at hand. And we still look good.

Tag us on Instagram with @fuseberlin and use the hashtag #fuseberlin to show us how great you look with your FUSE BERLIN phone chain and what you do with it in your daily life... We look forward to it.